April 19, 2010

Status update

I'm a bit late with my planned schedule for Xtensive.Practices - the end of the last week was spent mainly on bug reports (this month we have a very limited number of people working on DO4, since there is a temporary, but strong demand for them on other projects we run, so I was responsible for resolving part of reported bugs). I hope to finish planned works for ASP.NET and ASP.NET MVC during this week.

Another important news is that we're going to show DataObjects.Net 4.3 RC on the next week:
  • Migration to PostSharp 2.0 is already finished. This was the most complex part, since new APIs are quite different to the old ones.
  • We must migrate to .NET 4.0 & VS.NET 2010 now. Mainly this implies upgrade of .csproj files, a set of renames and few conditional compilation instructions. So as you might suspect, it won't be possible to build DO4 on VS.NET 2008 after this step, although we'll continue supporting .NET 3.5.
So stay tuned. If it will be possible, we'll try to show something related to VS2010 even on this week.