April 8, 2010

New ASP.NET MVC Sample update + screenshots

I just updated ASP.NET MVC sample described in my previous post:
  • I ripped out all the stuff that isn't directly related to usage of DO4 with ASP.NET MVC. Mainly, it was all the stuff related to login & user registration. I'm going to return back & update this part  when a generic security helpers will appear (to show the standard approach to this problem instead of one more example).
  • Paging is implemented for Persons list. This is really pretty simple with .Take & .Skip, although you must remember that it's not a good idea to use this approach for really large sets of large data (e.g. millions of rows - check out the plans produced for such queries). But... Since almost any grid uses exactly this approach, I bet almost no one cares about this ;) I'll show much more efficient paging later.
  • The sample generates 100K entities by default on its first start now - just to show that paging really works ;) This must take about 10 seconds on moderate PCs.
  • MVVM-like models are passed to almost all the views now. That's good from the point of design.
  • Finally, I extracted a lot of common stuff to Helpers. They handle almost everything related to errors, messages and even web site title and header.
Finally, I created a set of screenshots showing various aspects of this sample and shared them in Picasa. Here they are (as slideshow):

As usual, all the changes are already @ Google Code. Today's nightly build will include this sample as well.