March 17, 2010

Migration to Mercurial is finished

Take a look at latest changes in DO4 repository. We started to use branches & tags - this means we've finished our internal migration to Mercurial.

New agreements:
  • "default" branch is where all new features appear. So currently it is "pre-v4.3".
  • "v4.2.0" branch is the latest released version of DO4 (v4.2) with all the bugfixes. So to implement a bugfix, we modify this branch, and further merge the changes to "default" branch.
  • "stable" tag marks latest stable revision. We manually move it forward in the latest stable branch (currently - "v4.2.0"), if test results on build server are good.
So it must be clear how these agreements will work in future: on release of v4.3.0, "v4.3.0" branch will appear, "stable" tag will be applied to the root revision of this branch. After this moment "v4.2.0" branch will be updated only if we know there are some customers that can't migrate to v4.3.0, and they face an issue that must be solved ASAP.

Command line tips:
  • To clone (checkout) the repository, type: hg clone DataObjects.Net 
  • To pull the latest changes, type: hg pull
  • To update to the latest stable revision, type: hg up stable
  • To update to the latest revision in "v4.2.0" branch, type: hg up v4.2.0
  • To update to the latest development revision, type: hg up default
  • To update to the latest revision in your current branch, type: hg up
Another consequence of this step is that now you can push your own changes to this repository. If this idea will come to your mind some day, please contact us to get push permissions. Obviously, we'll review all of such changes.