March 30, 2010

DataObjects.Net v4.2 installer is updated

I finally decided to update v4.2 installer to the latest nightly build - there are few more minor fixes (the issues are described in our support forum). It is uploading to our Download area right now.

This also perfectly demonstrates our new "continuous stability" policy - now we really can publish a bugfix release on the next day.

Why next day? Currently each night is spent on thorough testing of "stable" branch:
  • Default test sequence conststs of 1020 storage-independent tests (Core, etc.) + 1550 storage-dependent ones on 10 different database engines (so efficiently there are 1020 + 10 * 1550 tests) running on each commit. This sequence exposes about 95-99% of issues immediately.
  • Nightly test sequence is running all storage-dependent tests in 6 different configurations (overriding default mappings with 3 different inheritance mapping strategies and 2 different TypeId mapping policies, details are here), so efficiently there are 1020 + 60 * 1550 = 94K tests. And they really take several hours to run on our testing farm consisting of 4 dedicated, but moderate PCs. A joke around this: when a PC gets old, it is plugged into matrix as an Agent (our testing PCs are named AgentSmith, AgentJohnson, AgentThompson, etc.).
So on each morning it's quite precisely known if our current build is really stable.

Viva Mercurial! Viva TeamCity!