February 27, 2010

News & links to new topics in forum

News are very short:
  • Historically I'm the guy responsible for creating installers, writing revision history notes and finally publishing each new update. So now I'm busy with Help Server as well. Its v3.0 version will be uploaded to our servers tomorrow after final testing of installers.
  • The same event for DataObjects.Net v4.2 must happen on Sunday.
A part of my recent writing activity was devoted to our support forum - we've got a set of questions, and I'd like to highlight some of them:
And finally, Denis Krjuchkov, one more developer from our team, has started to maintain his own blog. Denis is the guy developing most of RDBMS-specific things in DO4 (low-level SQL DOM providers and high-level SQL storage provider used by DO4 - Xtensive.Storage.Providers.Sql). So such features as uber-batching appeared mainly as result of his work. He's an expert in SQL dialects and various implementation details related to each particular RDBMS.