February 22, 2010

My Google Buzz feed

About a week ago (or two? don't remember ;) ) Google Buzz have been launched, and I must say, I really like it. I tried to use Twitter before, but discovered the idea behind it (short, but frequent messages) isn't really suitable for me:
  • My ideas normally require more than 140 chars to be explained... Or. better, if I have something to say, and it fits into 140 chars, I feel most likely it doesn't worth to say it. So in short, I prefer to write a bit more detailed posts than the ones fitting into 140 chars.
  • Another issue is that I don't used to interrupt my work each 30 minutes to post something - this is simply annoying. If I really devoted to work, I can spend 60 hours nearby PC to finish it. Moreover, I work much more productively if no one interrupts me - that's one of reasons why I used to work till the deep night - the silence after 20:00 is what I like the most ;)
  • If I have something to discuss, again, I'd prefer to do this with employees first. Any ideas are normally dropped into our company-wide Skype chats first.
  • And finally, I never read my own Twitter feed completely, although I have just a handful of people I follow. I dislike the whole idea of reading tons of these tiny messages. Btw, I have ~ 100 subscriptions at Google Reader, and although I also mainly "look through" them, I read at least headers there. Hate spending the time on this as well, but... So far I don't know better way to be aware of any important news.
So in short, I dislike Twitter. That's why all of my posts there are mainly links to my blog posts.

And, as I said, nearly one week ago I started to use Buzz in GMail. I use GMail for my primary mail account, so this wasn't annoying. Moreover, it still isn't - so far I like the way Buzz works there. The only annoying thing is repeating messages about actually the same blog post. This heppen, if several persons I follow in Buzz are subscribed to the same blog.

What I like in Buzz:
  • Its ability to automatically re-publish posts from any blogs (and Twitter) in my Buzz feed. So I don't have to do this manually there.
  • Absence of 140 character limit. It reduces the body of message, if it's long - I think that's much better then these 140 chars. "Read header" - "read more".
  • An ability to use HTML in messages. Yes, I like to see the hyperlinks as I used to, as well as image thumbnails. Why I should click on something ot get some details?
  • It's really nice how Buzz deals with URLs you paste there. It automatically offers to turn them into page title (for regular web page) with hyperlink or to an image thumbnail for images. Imagine the same in Twitter...
  • Finally, Buzz automatically offered me to follow the persons I frequently interact with (friends, co-workers, etc.). There is nothing like this in Twitter, and actually absence of this feature has made me to subscribe to tweets of people I don't know personally (btw, Twitter isn't frequently used in Russia, thus I couldn't do this even if I would like to). Thus most of people I follow in Twitter aren't my friends, and I think that's bad - if so, I should be subscribed just to their regular blogs, that's it. I'm actually not interested their hourly status updates... But you know, Twitter pushes the people to make such unnecessary subscriptions. So I think the best action I can perform here is to stop following them.
That's it. To end up this post, I'd like to share my Google profile page with its Buzz feed:
My Buzz feed contains:
  • Links to all blog posts made by X-tensive.com employees.
  • Links to the articles and posts I like. I track most interesting blogs related to .NET, as well as lots of blogs related to politics and business in Russia. Thus many of shared items there are in Russian (such ones are mainly related to our politics, business and corruption).
  • I'm frequent cinema visitor (although I try to carefully choose the films to watch - I hate watching shit, it's normal I leave the film in the middle if I feel it's an example of such one), thus there are my short film reviews. Again, in Russian :)
  • Be sure, there will be no hourly status updates & absolutely silly stuff. I'll try to keep the level of such messages at minimum.