February 10, 2010

I'm back ;)

Hi everyone!

I haven't been here for a while - that's because we worked really hard to bring a set of really important changes closer to release:
  • DataObjects.Net v4.2 will be released on the next week; by the end of this week we're going to publish one more release candidate. By now, we've implemented 174 issues after the last official release (August), so it's really a big step forward. Enough to increase the number by 0.2 ;)
  • Unfortunately, I was unable to touch DisconnectedState so far, so it will be shown a bit later (v4.2.1). 
  • But there are lots of other new and really attractive features: full-text search (example queries are here) working natively at MSSQL and PostgreSQL, O2O mapping (take a look at tests for it), support for SQL Server CE, unified API for registration and activation of persistent types and services (IoC framework we use now is much more flexible; there is no dependency on Common Service Locator, but container we use is replaceable), unified storage exceptions and lots of less important improvements - e.g. much faster object removal, better KeyGenerator model.
  • I hope I'll be able to add chapters describing ASP.NET & ASP.NET MVC development with DataObjects.Net & add a bit more comprehensive samples until release. If this is done, I can fully honestly say DO4 is fully ready to be used in web applications. WPF readiness point is v4.2.1 release.
Finally, during last two weeks I did a lot of refactoring in our projects, including Xtensive.Core. I'd like to mention few nice tricks we're using now:
  • Most of extension methods to string, IEnumerable<T>, IList<T>, IDisposable<T> and few our own types are moved to System namespace, so they're visible by default now - everywhere. Really important, if you don't use a tool like ReSharper. Moreover, they're easily discoverable.
  • string.FormathWith is one of newly added methods I really like. Take a look at an example of its usage. The original idea isn't ours, but it's really brilliant.
P.S. I'll return back to regular day-to-day posts closer to release.