February 22, 2010


Here are holidays again. Tomorrow is 23rd of February: Day of the Defenders of the Motherland, formerly - the Day of Soviet Army. It had never been a holiday in USSR, but now it is.

Just counted - there are 14 public paid holidays this year - so we must be among 10 countries with the most public holidays. I'm not sure why the authors of this article forgot about Russia - may be they don't know New Year holidays in Russia lasts till January 10th?

23rd of February has become a public holiday in 2002. I hate when our government employs such a primitive ways of increasing their popularity.

P.S. As you see, I decided to share some of my non-programming related thoughts in this blog. This one isn't really deep, but it describes exactly what I feel when each of such "holidays" happen - again and again. Just imagine what does it cost for economics - to sleep during 10 days in January. For all the country. No one works - even banks (btw, that's why it's simply impossible to work for many of organisations, even if they'd like to). Finally, imagine what lots of people do during this period. Celebration of New Year becomes the very last event in life for many of them.