February 23, 2010

DataObjects.Net v4.2 RC2 is available

It's obvious we need a bit more time to release v4.2 - partially, because Manual still isn't finished (that's because of the next part), and partially, because there were few more things to fix and refactor.

But there are good news:
  • I was able to review VersionInfo API and DisconnectedState on this week, and, although there was certain amount of refactoring, these parts are now ready to be shown.
  • Since we don't publish v4.2 release, I decided have updated v4.2 Release Candidate to the latest version (RC2). All the bugs we've eliminated on the previous weeks are fixed there.
  • v4.2 is planned to be released at the end of this week - with DisconnectedState. Most likely, this week we'll be working mainly on Manual and fixes of issues we already know (most of them are related to samples and installer), so v4.2 Release will be almost identical to RC2 from the point of code base.
v4.2 RC2 can be found at usual download location.

Known issues: 
  • Most of issues related to v4.2 RC are still there
  • You'll be laughing: this version works fine on Oracle 9i now, but DOES NOT work on Oracle 11g. Actually we made it working well on both versions, and this was continuing until I changed the default isolation level used in DO4 to Repeatable Read (yes, now this is the default one - usage of Read Committed is more risky, so we decided to use a safer option by default). Now we get "ORA-08177: can’t serialize access for this transaction" on most of tests running at Oracle 11g (9i is fine, as well as any other DB, including PostgreSQL, that also uses MVCC!). Surely we know what this means, but since there is no any concurrent activity there, this seems completely strange. Good thing: it seems we're not alone facing this problem. So hopefully, it will be quickly resolved (we'll update RC2 installer once more after this).
That's it. Shortly I'll give few links to new tests there (they'll go to Manual soon).