January 12, 2010

Preliminary version of DataObjects.Net Manual in PDF

I've just published preliminary version of DataObjects.Net Manual in PDF.

Do you know a good way or tool allowing to convert HTML with links and paging martup (CSS attributes) to PDF? Actually I didn't thought this is so complex:
  • Adobe Acrobat seems relying on Internet Explorer, that actually understand basic paging rules. But when Acrobat converts the page, somehow it makes IE to simply ignore any paging  attributes in CSS.
  • Google Chrome and Mozilla don't properly handle paging attributes.
  • New Opera ideally prints everything (in particular, to PDF printers). But I can't convert HTML links to PDF links by this way. So should I simply replace them to printable ones in Manual? And, obviously, there is no automatic way to convert TOC links as well. 
  • All online converters I tried produce even worse results. 
So I'd appreciate any advices related to conversion of HTML to PDF.