January 25, 2010

One more Manual update

I just fixed a set of major issues related to single-page HTML & PDF version of Manual:
  • Wrong spacing (both PDF and HTML), especially in code examples. That's because single-page (merged) version was produced by our own tool, and this tool really didn't keep all the spaces earlier (there are XDocument-based transformations, so it was pretty easy to face this issue). 
  • No bookmarks in PDF.
  • Page breaks in PDF aren't based on CSS rules. But I finally found a good way of converting everything to PDF.
  • Some links are missing \ wrong. Now everything is really simple: all the interesting links are shown as-is, so you can type them even from printed manual. Of course, they're clickable in PDF version. 
So now Manual is fully ready for printing. That's really cool - actually a lot of my time was spent on achieving this.

Left issues (except content-related ones):
  • Table of contents does not include page numbers. It seems I'll be unable to fix this automatically. 
  • Its size is 9Mb now I'll try to reduce it later ;)
Now I'm working on its inclusion into .HxS / .Chm - it must be split to topics (up to <h2> headers) to appear there ideally.