December 3, 2009

What do you need in DataObjects.Net right now?

Please answer on the following question: what do you need in DataObjects.Net right now to use it successfully?

v4.1 is the point where most essential features are implemented, but there are still lots of features with lower importance. So to prioritize them, I'd like to ask you about this. Here are essential features we have in our issue tracker:

General features:
7. Peer-to-peer synchronization (action-based and state-based)

Features related to storage providers:

Please select up to 3 features from both lists (not 6 at max, but 3 at max) - lists are separated just for your convenience.

How to vote:
a) Add a comment with your votes below. E.g. "1,2,3".
b) Or vote in this Google Wave. If you need an invite to Google Wave, please leave us your e-mail here, or send it to my Skype (alexyakunin).