November 11, 2009

Weekly bunch of links

Google’s Go: A New Programming Language That’s Python Meets C++
That's even a bit funny: Go does not support exceptions, generics, inheritance and have pretty strange interfaces. It seems there is no any functional stuff as well. But there is GC. See its FAQ for details.

So IMHO it does not worth to be studied. At least now.

Version tolerant serialization
Recommended for anyone who deals with serialization on .NET.

If you pay attention to functional stuff, but write mainly on C#, that's a good article for you.

Recommended, if you're interested in F#.

You say Tomato, I say Pomodore
One more description of well-known Pomodore method (time management).

That's simply what I was looking for ;)

Mathematics of elections (in Russian)
That's about elections in Russia. There are very strong statistical evidences showing that major elections in Russia from 2007 were cheated to increase the count of votes for United Russia or their particular members.

If you're interested in details, here is Google translation of this article. The original publication (in .PDF) is here (again, in Russian).

LOL ;) That's to make this post more complete ;)