November 6, 2009

ORMBattle.NET scorecard is updated

Check out the newest scorecard. Most important changes:

1. There are LINQ to SQL tests now - thanks to Igor Tkachev, the author of BLToolkit.

2. DataObjects.Net 4 is returned back to the scorecard. I think now this is fully honest. Unfortunately we don't lead on performance tests now - BLToolkit immediately became the fastest player there, and that was predictable. But:
  • IMHO its implementation of our CUD Multiple tests is at least arguable - in fact, its test code does manually what others do automatically there. But this is very natural to it.
  • I think we will be able to show at least quite comparable results on CUD Multiple and Materialization tests till NY. I know our current result is already very good, taking into account additional levels of abstraction we have; moreover, optimizations we involve there are fully automatic, so generally any application will benefit of them. But I know there are ways allowing us to be at least twice better there, and I hope we will find some time to get them implemented.
3. BLToolkit got its LINQ tests. Btw, I know initially it was getting ~ 30% score, but during one month Igor has raised it to ~ 40%. That's really impressive, since I know this requires lots of hard work.

4. There are significant changes in the scorecard, but I'm going to comment this in separate post a bit later.

5. Our test suite now compiles and runs on any PC without any third-party tools. Mainly, all you need is to download it, or checkout and compile it. More complete instruction is here. So if you'd like to add another ORM tool or develop your own test - you're welcome!

P.S. I suspect 5) is not completely true yet: we must update DO4 there to support Win64.