November 2, 2009

DataObjects.Net source code is uploading to Google Code

This great day has come: DataObjects.Net is now true open source product. From this day you can find its complete source code at Google Code.

Check out:
I must say it was really tricky to convert big Subversion repository to Hg. Tomorrow I'll describe all the issues I faced, but for now it's enough to say you'll see all the project updates at Google Code ~ on weekly basis.

Currently we aren't switched from our internal Subversion repository to Mercurial. We'll use Subversion internally until all the stuff sensitive to repository type (e.g. installer builder and build servers) is migrated to Mercurial. This process will take about one week (the speed here isn't really important). After this moment Subversion will die completely.

We run our own Mercurial repository as well - now it just pulls out the updates from Subversion and periodically pushing them to Google Code. But in near future all our developers will simply sync with it.

Subversion is almost dead. Long live Mercurial!