November 12, 2009

DataObjects.Net Manual: links to written parts

Oh... Do you know writing a manual is, likely, what developers hate the most? ;) So making Russian developer to write manual in English is, well... The hell.

Now, seriously: this work is going on, but slower than I hoped. Currently we wrote about 70%, and may be 85% of the most important chapters. Many of written parts require proofing - the Runglish there is perfect, but it's far from acceptable English.

Now the good news: I discovered Google Code allows to browse files online "as-is", so I can give you links to mainly finished chapters:

As you see, everything is written in HTML. But producing PDF from HTML is easy. So finally it will be joined into a single PDF book. Our help files will contain it as well.
And the most important part: if (or, more precisely, when) you will find a mistake while reading the text, please:
  • Select it
  • Press Ctrl-Enter
  • Press Enter or click "Send".
P.S. Don't waste your time on "Lazy loading" - there are tons of them. We must review it internally first.