November 24, 2009

DataObjects.Net "exit poll": conclusions

If you ever uninstalled DataObjects.Net, you know we run "exit poll" there. And so far it was constantly highlighting two most annoying categories of issues:
  • Documentation. Mainly, you indicated there must be a manual you can read sequentially.
  • Installer. It was quite buggy. A month ago there were issues even on 32-bit Vista; users of 64-bit Windows had almost zero chances of getting DO4 samples running.
I glad to say both of these issues must disappear with release of v4.1. As you know, we're working on Manual - it is missing just few chapters now. Installer was quite significantly improved during October-November; its current version is free of all the identified bugs. And... I hope you'll help us to test it.

So upcoming v4.1 looks promising. I hope you'll like using it ;)

P.S. Actually we made one more conclusion: we need a visual designer and support for reverse engineering (conversion of generally arbitrary schema to our persistent types). But that's the topic for the next post.