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Alex Yakunin

November 11, 2009

DataObjects.Net and ORMBattle.NET at Ohloh

We have registered DataObjects.Net at Ohloh, so now you can see some statistics.

Commit graph there is wrong - I wrote I wiped out a part of its development history (whole 2007 year) during repository migration; in fact, all these changes must be shown as a single #0 revision, and thus there must be a peak at the first commit. But, by some reason, Ohloh shows this differently - may be because Mercurial support there is still in Beta.

Everything else - e.g. lines of code counts, looks correct. I checked this for C# ;). Even JavaScript code shown there is not a mistake - actually this is jQuery from ASP.NET MVC sample (so some part of code there isn't our own code - but likely, this is related mainly to JavaScript).

ORMBattle.NET is also registered there. Its statistics seems fully correct, but much less impressive ;)

If you use one of these projects, please spend few minutes on registration there.