November 3, 2009

Building DataObjects.Net from source code

This really easy:
  • Install TortoiseHg - the Mercurial client.
  • Create folder named "DataObjects.Net" at any place you like. Folder name is also upon your wish.
  • Clone the repository: right-click on it and select "TortoiseHg" - "Clone a Repository", set Source Path to and click "Clone". Wait while TortoiseHg downloads the repository. Its size is about 300Mb, so it can be a long process, although a lot depends on your connection speed. I just tested this - in my case it took about 12 minutes. Note that you'll have its full replica containing complete change history on completion of this process. 
  • An alternative to the previous step: open command prompt in "DataObjects.Net" folder and type:
    hg clone .
  • Open command prompt in "DataObjects.Net" folder and type:
    Install\InstallAll.bat -b - to get the project built (in Release configuration) and installed. This command will install samples, project templates and everything else. See this post for detailed description of actions performed by Install.bat.
That's all. The copy you'll have will be almost identical to the one shipped via installer, the only difference is absence of .HxS and .Chm help files. Currently you can take them from installer, but shortly we'll be publishing them separately. They must be copied to "Help" folder - if this is done, InstallAll.bat will integrate them into Visual Studio .NET help collection. Or you can simply run Install.bat from Help folder.

To remove everything, run Install\Uninstall.bat and remove "DataObjects.Net" folder.