November 11, 2009

A bit faster way to checkout DataObjects.Net

Earlier I wrote how to checkout and built latest version of DataObjects.Net. But since repository is pretty large, and Mercurial sends you its copy with the whole history, this can be a long process. So here is the way to make this a bit faster and controllable:
  • Download two parts of .rar archive containing current repository snapshot;
  • Extract the archive;
  • Open command prompt in "DataObjects.Net" folder there;
  • Type "hg pull" to get the most current changes;
  • Type "hg up -C" to update your working copy to the latest revision.
That's it.

P.S. Just measured: .hg folder in repository is 210 Mb (that's what is sent via HTTP), and my .rar is 190 Mb. So Mercurial rules ;) Thus it's reasonable to use this way only if you have some problems with the standard one.