October 13, 2009

DataObjects.Net v4.1 RC is available

Finally it's done: v4.1 Release Candidate is here.

Official release announcement will be published shortly, as well as roadmap, revision history and issues in issue tracker. I should say we were unable to accomplish the following planned tasks:
  • There is no Manual for now. It will appear on the next week.
  • DisconnectedState isn't fully operational yet, and thus there is no demo. We hope to finish with this on the next week as well.
  • Prefetch API works, but queries it sends are far from ideal yet. They'll be ideal when we'll finish with  automatic fall back to IN for local collections. Currently they're always processed via temporary tables. Although new API already improves performance of raw fetches by nearly 3 times (shortly it will be ~ 10 more times faster), and significantly improves multiple EntitySet access performance.
  • There is no ASP.NET MVC sample yet, but it will be there soon as well.
Everything else works as we promised. There was a real hell with persistent interfaces, and frankly speaking, we spent much more time on this in comparison to our initial estimates.

We also slightly changed our samples:
  • ASP.NET sample handles concurrent update checks relying on our new Entity.GetVersion() method. To test this, try to edit the same entity from two different pages.
  • WPF sample got skin and WPF validation support (now we support IDataErrorInfo).
Finally, there is much better installer and integration with MSBuild:
  • No need to install PostSharp or something else
  • No more installation into GAC, so your bin folders contain binaries fully ready for deployment with XCopy
  • We use new way of integration with MSBuild allowing you to make a project based on DO4 fully "XCopyable" - you won't need to install DO4 to compile it on another PC.
  • There are new project templates - they're much better for beginners
  • You can copy DO4 to another PC without installer now. Just XCopy it and run Install.bat; Uninstall.bat will remove it.
Notes for v4.X users: 
  • You must modify your existing .csproj files while switching to this version.
  • Uninstall all third-party tools installed by previous versions of DO4 before switching to v4.1, including PostSharp.
Go and try it now!