September 27, 2009

What's up with nightly builds of v4.0?

Earlier I wrote they'll be suspended, and they still are. As you know, after getting the main part done (PostSharp is integrated into our build process, so it isn't necessary to install it separately),  I was additionally able to merge most of our assemblies into the single one, I still can't get this stuff work in runtime. The problem is that PostSharp can't deserialize something inside serialized aspects because this "something" is referencing old assembly name; setting LaosSerializationBinder.Current does not help, since a strange reason BinaryFormatter does not uses it for one of serialized types.

So the only solution I have now is to make PostSharp to post-process the merged assembly instead of its parts. But since I need properly working parts as well, this turns into really complex modification to our build process.

When this is done, I'll switch to the installer (this part is much simpler). And after getting it working I'll re-enable nightly builds. I hope to finish this in ~ 3-4 days.