September 14, 2009


About one week ago I added "Get rid of log4net dependency" issue - this must be a peace of cake, since we have logging abstraction layer. And today I occasionally found a good alternative to log4net: NLog. So likely, we'll switch to this logging library in observable future.

The most important question: why? Actually, I have a set of reasons for this:

  • I dislike ports (in particular, from Java). Even the best ones frequently utilize techniques, that aren't friendly to .NET. Moreover, frequently they don't utilize features of new platform (e.g. delegates, generics, events and so on, speaking about Java ports) in their API (that's the worst case) or internals. Of course, many of such porting gaps gets fixed during some reasonable period (as it was with NHibernate - nowdays it looks pretty "native" for .NET), but some of them stays there anyway.
  • I immediately liked its web site and description pages there. Everything seems fully clear. I'll report on issues when we'll study it closer.
  • I always like to know who's responsible for the framework. And "Copyright © 2004-2009 by Jaroslaw Kowalski" is much more meaningful for me than a set of active committers and community contributors.